General Information

The goal of discipleship circles (DC) is not a complete Bible study (we should feel free to do a Bible study outside of your DC time) but confession and care. Our goal is to engage in battle in the trenches of sin and suffering together with the weapons of war God has given us.

Suggested Discipleship Circle Questions

Here are some suggested questions to cultivate this kind of honest and gospel-focused interaction in your DC for mutual help and hope*:

  1. What's heavy on your mind that you need to talk through?
  2. Where do you need to confess sin and walk in repentance? How is that going?
  3. How is your relationship with God (communing with God through His Word, prayer, Sunday gatherings, serving, pursuing membership)?
  4. How loved does your spouse feel by you right now? When is the last time you asked and they felt free to be fully open and honest? How are you growing in this?
  5. Have you been pure in your thought life (focusing on Godly things, not lusting/viewing sexually explicit material, staying away from gossip, etc)?
  6. What truths about who God is, what God has done, and who we are, do we need to remind ourselves and one another today?
  7. What specific verse can we meditate on this coming week?

* Most of these questions were provided to DC leaders, in the Whitaker Community Group, from Scott Whitaker.